Hidden Next Button Appears During Slide Transitions- Storyline 2

Apr 16, 2015

Hi all. I have a project where I have a trigger to set the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to hidden when the timeline starts on a slide and then a trigger to have them return to normal when the timeline ends.  I have noticed that when transitioning to this slide from the previous slide, the NEXT button flashes and then disappears. (Note- the slide before this slide is advancing automatically.) I can see that my triggers are working but not fast enough so that the buttons aren't visible. It's very distracting. Any advice?

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Heather Emerick

Wendy, Thanks for the response. It might come to that, but I'm hoping to have it flow more smoothly. I want them to watch a small section and then be prompted to click next only when it's time to move forward. I guess I could have the disabled buttons appear on the slides that progress automatically as well but I wanted a cleaner look. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy,

I think you're thinking of this thread, where the button is visible while transitioning and clickable (as it wasn't disabled) we've shared this with our QA team for additional review, and I'll include this thread as a part of that report so that we can follow up here once there is additional information to share. 

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