Hidden/Normal States Using Variables

I'm trying to have a button start out as hidden then change to normal only after four buttons have been visited.  It works like a charm when I preview that single slide but when I preview the entire project, the button will not kick over to a normal state.  Let me know if the link below works or not.  Thanks!


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Steve VE

I think this has to do with your trigger order. On a single slide, it will work as expected:

  1. First two triggers: We've got nothing to do when the slide is loaded so let's just wait.
  2. Third trigger: Hide the button because the timeline has started.
  3. Variable 1 is set! Show the button.

It might not be a perfect description but I think that's what's happening.

But if you go the next slide and return, this will happen:

  1. First two triggers: Variable 1 is True so show the button.
  2. Third trigger: Hide the button because the timeline has started.

So the button may show briefly and is then hidden. Or not show at all.

I would suggest not using a trigger to hide the button. Instead, set the initial state of "Summary and Quiz" to Hidden. Once it's flipped to Normal, it should stay that way.

There might be something else happening here as the button is being faded in and then the presentation goes to the next slide automatically. I'm not sure why but there might another trigger I can't see that advances to the next slide before the button finishes fading in?