Hidden slides in Player that are in my Storyline course

Nov 06, 2012

Good morning,

When I click on the Player tab to look at my project - I am missing 5 slides from one of my scenes - even though they are definitely part of that scene. I have looked at the triggers and made sure they point to the proper slides, but they do not appear anywhere - not even in another scene.

How can I get them to appear? - Of 30 slides - 19-23 are missing from Player navigation.

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Annie Jean

Hi to both of you,

From what I have experienced so far, it looks like it keeps the "first generation" of the menu.

It may be while previewing or while working on it in the Menu tab from the properties.

In a way this is something I would expect since you have so many control over its content.

If I go through the properties and work on my menu and don't expect my menu to change each and every time I preview my story, this would make my work useless.

Hope it may help!


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