Hide base layer object on multiple layers at one time?

Aug 12, 2012

I have a slide with multiple layers.  I want to hide a certain base layer object on all of the layers.  The only way I can figure out how to do this is to edit the base layer objects on every layer individually.  Is there any way to hide a base layer object on several layers all at once???  That would save me SO much time!  Thanks...

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Steve Flowers

You could pull this off by triggering a "hide'em" layer and your other layer from the same event. The hide'em layer would configure your hidden base objects.

- HideObjects

- Layer 1

- Layer 2

- Layer 3

Show HideObjects

Show Layer 1

As long as both of these layers are set not to hide other slide layers, the HideObjects layer will maintain your base objects settings.

Gerry Wasiluk

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro said:


Just back from being away and sent in the feature request. Gerry, I'm interested to know what you're thinking.

I may be misreading things but to get to any of the layers, you need some action.  Anytime you go to a layer with an action, add a trigger that changes the state of the object that you want hidden to "Hidden."
Nancy Woinoski

Hi Gerry, unless I'm mistaken, we are not really talking about hiding and showing specific objects on the layer during play back.

We are talking about situations in which we have created a layer and have deselected some of the base layer objects on the timeline so that they don't show through when viewing the layer.

Then we need another layer similar to the one we just created so we duplicate it - problem is when we duplicate it, it does carry forward the selections we made for the base layer objects.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey again,

So, it's before even setting any triggers. It's simply that I create New Layer 1. And I hide some or all of the base layer objects. And I know, before doing any other work, that I want the next 3 layers I'm about to create/duplicate to ALSO have those all the same attributes. I don't want to/feel-I-should-have-to (lazy me again) go to any extra work when I already DID all the work in New Layer 1 to hide the objects...and maybe there are a LOT of objects.

I think I'm just re-stating what Nancy said...but does that help?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

ah...and that brings us around again to the layers vs slides discussion that took place in another thread. hmmm. which one was that? ...back in a sec...

OK, here it is Storyline Organization Tips.

But, aside from those varying opinions, since Articulate want SL to be user-friendly and flexible, shouldn't we be able to EITHER create duplicate slides (not that I've tried this to see if it does the trick) or create duplicate layers with duplicate attributes?

Gerry Wasiluk

Yup.    So unless we're talking about doing this many, many, many times in a big, big, big, big course, I'd suspect the effect to be minimal.

Sometimes you just have to pragmatic . . .  or else change your design to something else.    When things get too complex, I'll often try to redo and/or simplify.

Steve Flowers

I've attached a quick and dirty file that demonstrates the use of layers as "configuration" for the visibility for base layer objects. This would enable you to use the same slide level visibility configuration for multiple different layer configurations.

These layers "hide the squares", etc. don't contain anything other than the base layer visibility configuration. Notice that C1 and C2 both use the same visibility configuration. You could place these on the button or other stage event or trigger from another layer. The configuration layers are set to "not hide other layers".


Indrani Sen

Hello.  I know this is not the right forum.  But thought of bringing attention to a problem I am experiencing.  This may seem very easy to solve, but somehow I cannot do it, and I am stuck.  It is a very simple clipboard interaction, which works with a base layer but will not work when  I try to mimic a clipboard interaction outside a base layer.  Here is a brief desctiption of the problem, as well as my storyline file.  Please let me know for many questions.  Many thanks