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Mar 05, 2014

Hi. I'd like to hide a lightbox slide so that once the slide has popped up as a lightbox the user doesn't then go through it (since it's placed subsequently in my narrative). How can I do this? I'm sure I'm overlooking a simple solution. Thanks.

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Lisa Rothrauff

Let me explain.

My student views a main slide. They click a hotspot to see a defintion for a term; that definition is shown on a separate lightbox slide, so it pops up for them. The student then closes it and goes back to the main slide, clicks another term; another, different lightbox slide pops up.

The lightboxed slides are all in the subsequent slides in the story view.So when my student clicks "Next" on that main slide, rather than skip the lightboxed slides (which they have already seen, and which I would like them to skip), they are taken to the next slide which is the first lightboxed slides.

What I'd like is for the student to access the lightboxed slides only from that master slide with the hotspots, not as slides that are part of the main story.

There must be a way to design this but I can't figure it out.

Bob Wiker

So if I understand correctly, you want learners to either see a slide as a lightbox via the learner's click, or as a regular slide in your Scene's sequence, but not both.

The first solution that comes to mind is to use variables and Triggers. Here's how:

1. Create a variable for each of your to-be-lightboxed slides. Name them something like "DefinitionSlide01Shown", "DefinitionSlide02Shown", and so on. They should be True/False with an initial value of False.

2. For each object (button, hyperlink text, shape) that will trigger the lightboxing of a slide, add a Trigger that states "set DefinitionSlide01Shown equal to True when clicked". (Use the variable that is associated to the slide being lightboxed.)

3. On the slide being lightboxed, add a Slide Trigger that states "Jump to next slide when timeline starts if DefinitionSlide01Shown is equal to True". Note that this Trigger employs a Condition, which is the "if DefinitionSlide01Shown is equal to True" part.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

I got the opposite impression from the one Bob got...so this way you'll have two different examples My impression was that you don't want the lightbox slides to be part of the regular "slide set,", and that you only want them to appear as lightbox definitions from the main slide.

See attached. All the lightbox slides are in a separate scene. They are accessed from hotspots on the main Definition slide. I've removed them from the player menu, so they're only accessible from the main slide. Learners CAN access them access them again if desired. That was my (mis?)understanding of what you wanted. But of course access can be turned off as well.

Please shout out with any questions.

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