hide prev / next when revisiting a quiz

Dec 01, 2013

I see lots of posts with some complicated and confusing workarounds for this.

Is there a straight forward way to get rid of the prev / next buttons on a quiz that is revisited when I click on a menu item to review things? I'm not trying to create magic. The purpose of a menu is to go back and look at content if student so decides. The problem is that for some strange reason the prev / next buttons show up and i can't get rid of them. I want to put a trigger saying "if quiz was already visited put a next button that goes where i want it to." Should be simple, but i can't do it.

Sounds like a bug.

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c r

of course i can select RESET TO INITIAL STATE for that layer property and when user goes back to quiz just to look back at course material the prev / next don't show up. But I would like to retain the answers selected in the quiz, so i select RESUME SAVED STATE. for some reason Storyline thinks I want he prev / next included too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CR,

I just wanted to share in the forums John's response to your case for Lisa's benefit and anyone else who may come across it.

Any question slide that has already been finished and does not have the Next/Prev buttons enabled will have the Next/Prev buttons enabled when a user revisits the slide(outside the review feature). This will ensure that the user will not get stuck on a question slide as the menu would not always be available in all projects. Having the Next/Prev buttons enabled upon revisiting an answered question would prevent users from getting stuck in a question slide since the Submit button would be disabled after the question has already been answered. 

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