Hiding a button until all markers have been read

Feb 27, 2015

I've searched for the answer to this here, but haven't had much luck.

I'm using Storyline 2. I have a slide with 4 markers - I'd like to hide the Next button initially, and then once all 4 markers have been read, change the state of the button to normal. My markers are set to "Show All on Hover". Based on what I've seen, I think that maybe I need to use variables, but I'm not 100% how to accomplish this. Any ideas?

Thanks so much! (And happy Friday!)

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Sara Strickler

Thanks Wendy - I've managed to set the initial state of the button, but am having difficulties changing states of the markers. It seems that since markers don't have states, I can't use this - I've managed to do it with one marker by assigning the "When:" of the marker to "content closing", but don't think that states work in this situation...

Sara Strickler

Thanks Wendy - my markers are set to 'show all on hover', so I think that may be stopping the variable from changing, because there's no click happening? To be honest I know almost nothing about variables, and am really new to Storyline, so it's probably something I'm doing wrong. I've edited my post and attached a sample file.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara 

i don't have access at the moment to check your file.  Can you try this...add a shape off the stage of your slide and add a selected state to the shape. See if you can trigger that shape to change its state  to 'selected ' when the user hovers over one of the markers.  If so create four of those shapes one for each marker and copy/paste the trigger to each shape.  Then you can enable next button when state of all four 'off stage' shapes are selected. 

Chris Cole

Hi Sara -

If I understand your question correctly, you want your custom Next button to become visible after the learner has interacted with all of the markers. You said in one of your statements that markers don't have states, but they actually do, and you are currently checking the state of the markers for "selected" in your Next button's trigger. Checking that the state of each marker is "selected" is a perfectly fine way to accomplish what you want to do.

 However, the state of a marker will only change to "selected" when the learner clicks on the marker - it won't change when the learner only hovers over the marker. You have turned on the option of "Show All on Hover," so the learner is seeing all of the content of the marker by merely hovering, and never has to click on the marker, and so the state of the marker is never changing to "selected."

Your current logic actually works if you click on all of the markers, thereby changing the state of each marker to selected. I clicked each one and your custom Next button appeared as expected. However, a learner will likely not click the markers, since they can read all of the content just by hovering.

So... one option is to turn off the "Show All on Hover" option for each marker; the learner then has to click each marker to see the content, thereby changing the state to Selected and then the Next button will show when they have viewed all of the markers. 

Another option would be to keep the "Show All on Hover" option turned on, and add triggers to each of your markers to set the values of variables, as Wendy suggested, rather than checking for the state of "selected." But that would get more complicated if you don't understand variables yet.

One last thought... I see that in addition to your own custom Next button on the slide, you also have the Player's Next button showing in the navigation bar at the bottom of the slide, which the learner can use at any time to navigate to the next slide. I assume you want to use only your custom button? Or did you want both to be visible?  

Hope this helps.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara

here is your sample story with variables added. I have put them on the screen so you can see how the variable changes when 'an action' happens.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse too much...variables are powerful that's why sometimes they are a bit tricky to learn at first...but its worth it.

Shout out if you need help


Cheryl Williams

I know this original post was from quite a while back but hopefully someone sees this.

My question is concerning hiding a custom next button until the partcipant clicks each marker. I have been having some major "buggy" problems. I set up the markers with a selected state. I added a trigger that says when all markers are selected, change the state of next to normal. 

This is the problem - the next button will not always appear after markers are selected. The particpant will have to go back, click them at different speeds then finally next pops up. It seems quite random and is causing mass confusion/frustration. For me especially! We also have to use Chrome versus IE. IE is a nightmare for almost any of the modules I create.

We are using My Learning and I publish using SCORM 1.2 with Version 2 of Articulate Storyline (this is not my choice rather a requirement of my workplace. I have zero say.) Could the combination of these be the root of the problem?

I greatly appreciate any assistance offered. Thanks in advance!


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