Hiding Objects After Clicking

Aug 24, 2018


I am trying to create an interaction in Storyline that includes a photograph with clickable objects. I want for the learner to be able to click on one object, the layer with the text box for that item to pop up, and then for the learner to click anywhere to go back to the entire photo and click on another object.

I have included a screenshot of the triggers and layers I currently have. 

I created objects around the items I want learners to click on (rather than hotspots as I have read they're easier to work with?).

I can't figure out how to allow the learner to click outside of the first item they click on to go back to the entire photo. Any help?

I'm still learning Storyline. Thank you!

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Simon Blair

Hi Jenny,

Your base layer is exactly what I'd have done (although I tend to hotspots, but that shouldn't make a difference).

On each of your other layers, I'd add a transparent shape that covers the whole screen. Give it a trigger that hides the layer when the user clicks on the shape.

With that, what'll happen is that when someone clicks one of your rectangles on the base layer, it'll show the layer with the text, then they can click anywhere to dismiss it and return to the base layer.

Another option is to put an X at the top-right corner of the text box (i.e. a "close" button), and put the hide layer trigger on that. That might be more intuitive since most people recognize the top-right X as a close button.


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