Number items when selected in any order

Mar 13, 2017


I have a game where learners need to locate objects in a room and click on them in any order. Once they've located the item, I want the visited state of that item to include a little placard with the # of the object. So the 1st item found would be 1, 2nd would be 2, etc. I created an Objects number variable, and have a trigger that adds 1 to it each time one of the objects is clicked, and then I put a reference text box to the variable on the placards in the visited state. See where this is going? :) First one works just fine - but then after a 2nd item is found, both placards read "2" - all the way up to the total # of objects! 

How can I adjust this so the value on the previous placards stay the same, and each subsequent object found displays their placard value by +1? Looking for a creative solution. Thanks! 

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Phil Mayor

Add a disabled  state to each clickable object

You can use an number variable for each item and a variable to track the number of clicks.

Add a reference for each individual object to the object

add a trigger to each object to increment the number of clicks each time they are pressed as long as it is not equal to disabled.

add a trigger Assign the value of the number of clicks to the individual variable for each object when the user clicks if it is not equal to disabled.

Add a trigger to set the object to disabled.

Do it in that order and it should work.

I built something like this for a client a couple of years ago.


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