Hiding objects in master slide

May 09, 2018


I'm trying to build a menu on my master slide that contains an oval object set to normal and a check mark set to hidden. When a variable changes to mark user progress, I want the oval to hide and the check mark to show.

Currently, only the check mark appears. The oval does not change state.

I've tried adding triggers that set the oval to hidden when variable changesĀ or when the state of the check mark is normal.

My file is attached if anyone could please investigate the issue. Thanks!

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Steve Bekkala

Hi Doug,

Please see the attached .story file.

I separated the oval and check mark into two different slides in your menu so that the Oval layer shows initially (where mod1Complete = False), and then when the user clicks through to the next slide (and toggles mod1Complete = True), then the Check layer is triggered.

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