Hiding other layers

Sep 09, 2020

Hello, I am trying to work with several layers but I cannot hide them. For example, if I work on another layer I can still see what is on the other layers and on the base layer even if I click Hide other layers how it is said in here: https://community.articulate.com/articles/working-with-layers#:~:text=Just%20select%20the%20layer%20you,defined%20below)%20and%20click%20OK.&text=This%20hides%20all%20other%20layers,is%20visible%20to%20the%20learner. Could you please help to solve that?



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Walt Hamilton

These eyes hide or reveal the other layers (lock and unlock visibility).  The Dim box controls whether objects on layers other than the top one show at full brightness.  These settings are only for while you are working on the slide. 


This setting is for how the layer acts when it is being previewed, or has been published and is being viewed.


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