Hiding paths and quizzes

I'm hoping someone out there can direct me towards instructions or a tutorial on a complicated course (for me, anyway, I'm still feeling my way around Storyline).

Here's the game plan:

I have employees on 4 different assets (offshore platforms).  They all need to take a single course, which is exactly the same for everybody, until it gets to some information that is asset-specific.  At that point, I was thinking they would choose which asset they work on, and that button would direct them to their asset-specific scene, which would end in an asset-specific quiz.  The other 3 paths would be effectively turned off/hidden, and the asset-specific quizzes at the end of each path would also be turned off/hidden/not counted for final grading.  Therefore, at the end, employees would only be graded on (and given credit for) the 1 quiz they had to take, and they would effectively never see the other 3 scenes.

a) Does that make sense?

b) Can this plan actually happen?

c) Is there someone out there who has already done something like this and can anyone direct me to that person/course/tutorial/directions?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!!

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Kevin Thorn

If I understand correctly, and please don't take this the wrong way, but seems like it's more complicated that it has to be.

If the base structure is all the same content (short a few slides) except for the quizzes, then perhaps build four duplicate packages each with a different quiz and let the LMS do what it's designed to do.

Depending on where the learners are coming in from, set the LMS permissions for them to only see their specific course.

Not sure this is a Storyline thing that can be controlled/managed. It's more of a SCORM and LMS thing.

The LMS controls permissions. Storyline doesn't allow (as far as I know) to control what user's scores go and which don't because there's no current way to access system variables (quiz variables).

Might be a way with some fancy dancy javascrpting but would still need a mechanism for the LMS to communicate and pull in what it needs from which learner via PHP or some other way to parse the data.

 Wish I could be of more help but I got nothing other than that. Maybe others have ideas I'm not seeing or know of?

Brooke Boyer

Yes, if only that were that simple!  We actually have that current configuration right now: four separate courses, four separate quizzes.  

However, my SME wants (and will not change her mind) ONE course that has everything, but at some point the employee picks which asset they work on and then they get to see their asset-specific stuff followed by the asset-specific quiz...4 branches within the same CBT.  

They're basically trying to clean up the massive amount of CBTs we've got floating around in our LMS.  Which is all fine and good, but now I have to figure out how to do this.