Highlighting the answers a person selects in a quiz on review

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help because this is driving me a bit insane and i feel like I am getting no where!

I have a quiz and i have a review page after each question (i.e. question then review immediately per question).

What my stakeholder wants is that when they review the question, the users are able to see which options they selected. They then want the user to be able to click on every answer and get a review as to why this is the right/wrong answer.

Its frustrating the life out of me and I am not sure if I am missing one minor point.

Can anyone shed some light please?

Much appreciated,


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Sachin Taank

I have just set the state to "resume saved state" but this has made no difference. I have added in a review button on the results slide but it doesnt highlight the correct answers. Infact, doesnt do anything. Is there any way we can have the review and the score slide together do you think?