Hint Button

Jul 20, 2021

Hello! I'm super new and need some help. How can I set the Hint button on my slides to not show up until the user attempts to complete an activity? I've included a Drag & Drop as an example where I would like this to happen. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

Your current trigger won't work because all of the objects need to be clicked to be visited within 3 seconds. I'd get rid of the visited and selected states for those objects unless you need them.

You want to change the state of the hint button. So the question is what would trigger that state change?

  • You could add a trigger that it's changed when an object is dropped on a target. You'd have to set that up for each drop because you're not sure which they'll do first.
  • Do you want the activity to be completed and then offer the hint for them to redo?