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Jul 03, 2012

Good morning!

I build quite a few software simulations. I like to have a Hint button on each of my slides. The trigger on the hint button is set to display the Hint Caption layer when a user hovers over the button (it's a little ? button).  I've been creating the button and trigger, then pasting it onto every slide.  I have to direct the trigger to the Hint Caption layer on every slide.  It's tedious work and typically goes best with a beer.

I'm wondering if anyone can save me some time (and my liver) by telling me how to add a button with a trigger to a master slide layout.  I can add the button and the trigger, but the trigger will only point to a layer on the layout slide. Since the hint caption is different on every slide in my story, this doesn't cut it.   I hope this makes sense.

If manually adding the button and trigger is my only option, so be it.  Beer it is.



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Adrian Dean

Hi Pam,

The following link has two Screenr videos. The second one appears to be the one you want to watch.


It goes over how to setup a button and a trigger and copy both to another slide and ultimately all your slides including layer settings as well.

Hope this helps,


Pam Schaw

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the tip.  It was interesting to learn more about variables but I'm afraid the tutorial demonstrates how I'm already doing it.  I'm copying my button and triggers from the first slide onto every other slide in the story. Then the trigger needs to be set to the correct layer (as they showed in the screenr).  It's pretty tedious when you have 50 slides.  I was hoping for a master slide/layout solution.   

Beer it is!

Adrian Dean

Hi Pam,

You have probably already seen this. It goes over pasting multiple triggers to multiple objects, unfortunately all those objects are on the same slide.


I tried to replicate what you are doing myself in Storyline and it appears like it will be something that you will have to put a feature request in for.

Hopefully, it will get added.


Jesse Kramer

when you create screen recording in SL it automatically creates a hint slide. How can you edit the master version? I can't find it in the Master Feedback. You only have the option to edit the correct and incorrect feedback. If I could find the master slide for the hing caption that would save a lot of time and might be the solution that Pam is looking for.

Jesse Kramer

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