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Oct 27, 2022

I have SL 3. I put in a Hotspot quiz slide. But, on this slide I have 'I need a hint' button. So, when going through this, every time I click 'I need a hint', it's marking it as incorrect. How do I do this (condition??) where they can click the  I need a Hint button without it marking it as incorrect?

It's set up to show the Correct layer when the user clicks Hotspot. It automatically goes to the Incorrect layer when they select anything else. I just need it to not count the Hint button as an attempt/click.


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Kendra Mullis

I am in 3 and not 360 so not sure if that's an issue here, but when I set it up like how you have it, the hint comes up immediately (and I want them to be able to click the button only if they need a hint). Then, if I click I Need a Hint, it's still coming up as Incorrect immediately. Any suggestions?

Kendra Mullis

So, what I was hoping to do was to have a clickable button if they need a Hint and then a rectangle will appear. You will see that  they can click the button and the rectangle will appear as a hint. But, it automatically marks it as incorrect. Would I have to go through and just make sure that each item on the screen maps to incorrect and then make a Hint layer instead of using the rectangle? I have it set up for the rectangle hint to be hidden and then return to normal state. I don't want the hint to come up automatically. I want them to click that button if they need a hint. I was hoping to be able to do it his way without creating a Hint Layer and triggering everything else on the screen to 'incorrect'. I have attached an example. 

Walt Hamilton

Check the attached sample. On the Better slide, I changed the Hotspot interaction to a pick one, making the hotspot the correct answer. Then to make it work, it needs a clickable answer that isn't correct, so I chose the touch icon. That way you have at least two places with the pointer cursor.

On the Best slide, I placed a transparent filled shape over the whole slide, and moved the hint text and the hotspot above it. now the cursor is a pointer over the whole slide. I put the hint on a layer, so it not only disappears on its own, but can be called again.

On both of them, I ungrouped the group, deleted the picture, edited the textbox, and pasted the picture on the Normal state of the textbox. That makes them  work the way you want, without all the potential problems that accompany groups.

On both of them, I fixed the Touch Icon. As it is, the only place you can click is when the cursor is exactly on one of the minuscule lines. I put a shape behind it and made the shape the target.

From time to time, SL3 will not open an SL 360 file. If that's the case, and until SL3 catches up, the attached 2 story can be opened. It doesn't have everything described above, but does have the essential parts it needs to work correctly.

Kendra Mullis

Thanks, Walt. I'm still having trouble having everything else come up as incorrect. On your Better option, where you said you chose the touch icon as incorrect, it doesn't come up as incorrect. Nothing happens when I click on it. There is no trigger set up for that. Maybe there's just not a way to do what I need it to do? I want the hotspot X to be the correct choice. I want them to be able to click the I Need a Hint Button for a hint. I don't want that to count an incorrect. I want anything else that they click on to come up as Incorrect. Is there a way to accomplish that?