Hotspot sensitivity and location incorrect

Sep 02, 2022


I have a click exercise where I need users to click in a correct sequence on a simulated software.

As it was created, hotspots were created automatically. and cannot be replaced with transparent shapes (or at least I tried and I couldn't do it)

since some hotspots are very small, its is difficult to hit the right spot, and so I created a layer called Hint, and a variable (attempts)

anytime the user clicks outside the hotspot the layer "try again" appears, 

in this layer "Try Again" anytime the user clicks the button to continue (try again button), the variable attempts increases +1

the layer hint shows if the variable is greater or equal to 3

if you know where to click and don't get it wrong 3 times - it works ok (the hotspot is correct)

but if you trigger the layer hint after clicking 3x times outside the hotspot, then the hotspot is no longer precise, I need to click offset to the top right

see video





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Silvia Zanella

I have created a work around

on the Layer Hint I added a shape, 100% transparency, so when the Hint layer is triggered after 3 failed attempts, the shape will on top of the hotspot and jump to next slide

the 2 triggers on the base layer needed adjustment

no longer greater than 3 attempts but now = 3 attempts

and show layer try again if clicked outside hotspot and if attempts not equal to 3