Hiring Freelance Content Authors - Advice

Hi Guys,

So my company is looking to update our full eLearning catalogue from a contextual perspective.

We have about 80 odd courses aimed at both UK & Australian clients.

The courses are primarily healthcare specific and the subject matter varies from course to course, from your basics like Fire Safety and Manual Handling up to more clinical subjects such as Medication Administration and Tracheostomy Care etc...

I am looking for the best way to find people to author and update our courses and wondered how others have solved similar tasks, what would you suggest?

Job adds? On here within the eLearning heroes forums or similar? Social media posts on LinkedIn or Similar?...

As the authors would be working from our existing course they would obviously have a clear outline of the structure of each course, making updates where necessary - this led us to think that an educational background may not be necessary as long as they had knowledge of the subject matter.

However, I certainly feel it would be beneficial to get people with an educational background who can update the content as well as suggesting changes to the structure or flow of the courses to better suit the learner...

Anyway, if anyone has any tips or advice it would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

(Sorry I forgot to add, we would not be hiring people to physically make the changes within the courses themselves, this would still be done by ourselves - We would purely be looking for people to look at a word export of each course as an example, make the suggested changes and we would then build them into the existing courses...)

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Scott Hewitt

Hello Niall, 

There are several freelance boards that you could use like PPH, Upwork, Freelancer. You can also use the job board here. You might use some of the groups that are on LinkedIn if you are a memeber, if not you can join. 

I think it is important that you've got a detailed spec of what you need and what is involved and what the output is. The more information you can provide the better - I think it is important that you explain what you are looking and what the task involves.