Hoping for a new answer to an old question - Partial scores for Multi-answer questions - And submitting the results

Hello team - my last minute feedback!

"The questions are too difficult"

"We love the questions.. but where there are 5 right answers and 8 wrong ones, the user deserves credit for selecting, say, 4 of them.."

Have to say I agree. I saw a suggestion to build the score in a variable with triggers here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/partial-credit-for-multiple-option-question

...but I cant see how to assign that score to the question? - so the final score is correct? 

The only option I can see, is to abandon the variable Results.ScorePoints and add the score up manually into my own variable ? - I dont really want to have to do this for 20 questions? and what will the LMS report look like?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

You're correct, the option would be to abandon the Results.ScorePoints and customize your own variable. Partial scoring is still a feature our team is looking at but I don't have any current updates to share.

I appreciate you coming forward to share why partial scoring will strongly impact your courses! We'll report back to this discussion when we have an update.