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I have been using Google Drive for quite a while to host my projects, but since they are closing that aspect down, I am trying to do something similar with Microsoft OneDrive. (Basically, because it's free and I already have an account.) I am having trouble getting the correct URL to share to have people view the final product without getting into the actual file itself. Does anyone else use OneDrive? I have seen a lot of other posts referencing Dropbox and have attempted the solutions provided there, but it does not seem to work for OneDrive. Seems I might need a little hand holding on this one. Thanks!!


P.S. Using Storyline 2

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Julie Stelter

Hi JD,


I use One Drive internally. I can't claim to be an expert on it but I don't think it works like dropbox. That is anyone with a link can view. It would be the equivalent to giving someone access to your hard drive since all one drive folders actually reside locally.

Let me know if you come across anything differently. I think Amazon and I know scormcloud have a free version.



JD Maddox

Thank you for the response to both of you. Ashley, I did end up finding that piece from Tom about S3 and set it up yesterday afternoon. I actually really like the way it is set up and the simplicity once it has been set up. As always this community never fails to help out where they can and be a great support for folks like myself. Thanks again!!

Bruce Roberts

Drive to Web now appears to be at

The interface is very basic, really just displaying a list of URLs related to files in your Drive, however, I added a web published version of a Storyline lesson to my Google drive, logged into Drive Web and it appears to work!