Hosting SL V3 on Weebly Site

Feb 15, 2019

Hi folks

I've had storyline v3 for quite a time now but haven't been able to use it due to other personal commitments. Now i'm back in the saddle i'm looking to create courses and plan to host them on my website (hosted by weebly). Advice on the following would be well appreciated.

1. Can I upload courses onto my site and if so, are there any restrictions regarding how many people can access them at the same time?

2. What format should the courses be saved in to enable them to be uploaded onto the site

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Robert!  I'm happy that you're back in the saddle.  🐴

I don't believe that Weebly allows you to upload multiple-file web output.  When you publish for web in Storyline, the result is a folder of output files, all of which must be hosted online and intact for the content to play properly.  This article lists options for publishing and sharing your Storyline 3 content.

These are really good questions to confirm with Weebly support, however.  If you hear something different from them, feel free to pop back in and share what you learned!

Robert McCormack

Thanks Ashley, I'm really very interested in Amazon S3. Unfortunately, the instructional videos use a lot of jargon terms and acronyms and I'm not the most techie person on the planet. What would be the perfect outcome for me is to find a host that is able to link courses seamlessly to my Weebly website as this is already set up for customer passwords access and payments etc. I would be extremely grateful if someone was able to provide me with a step by step process of how I can achieve this.

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