Hot Spot not working when published to LMS or Articualte 360

I have a project I am working on that has a hot spot quiz slide.  When previewing the hot spot responds correctly, however, when I publish to LMS or Articulate 360 when you click on the hot spot it comes up with an incorrect answer instead of being correct.  The hot spot is at the front of all images and to make things a little more challenging works fine if I publish to CD.  I have attached a couple of slides rather than the whole project.  Any  help would be appreciated.  Regards Dean

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Lauren Connelly

Hi PicTwo Productions!

Sorry, you're running into this! Do you see this within your Learning Management System? If so, which LMS are you using? Also, are you seeing the same behavior when publishing for Review 360 or Web?

I'd like to look at your project and test it on my end. If you're comfortable sharing your project, you can attach it to this public discussion or upload it to me directly.