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Feb 13, 2013

I am trying to build a simple menu layer in my Master slide, so that on any slide in my course, the user can click a "Menu" item and see the list of screens. (I am choosing this approach due to the iPad's Top Bar Menu placement limitations within the Articulate Player, and not wanting to use the built-in left panel menu.)  The image I've included below shows how this is set up on my Master slide, but the triggers do not not work when I preview the course. The hotspots are not clickable, even though they are visible on every slide in my course file. I have watched screen casts of others doing a similar set up, but it's not working for me. I've tried this with buttons instead of hotspots and get the same result. What am I missing?

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Rebecca Adler

Yes, the hotspots are above the gray bar which contains the text.

Just as a test, I just tried this same technique in a completely new, blank file, and it works...which is GOOD but not sure why it wouldn't be working in my existing file.

So, what I'm getting is that this should definitely work, and there's something up with my file. I cannot upload it here as it's proprietary client information. Can I upload it via the upload link and reference this post?

Rebecca Adler

Your guru solved this one! My hotspots were on the Master Slide. Since I could see the hotspots on my other layouts, I thought they were fine. However, each of my other layouts has a background image, which was actually overlaying the hotspots. BUT, because my background images were mostly transparent in the area where my hotspots were placed, it was not immediately apparent that the background images were actually BLOCKING the hotspots from working. I am going to crop those background images from the other layouts so they do not encumber the hotspots.

Thanks so much to your support team -- you are all amazing and dedicated.

Beth Gabert

i'm having the same issue rebecca was having (hotspots on the master slide are not working), but i DON'T have an image blocking links on the individual pages. so what am i doing wrong?

just a note: i was simply assigning a link to the text on the master slide, and that was functioning fine. the reason i switched to using hotspots is because i had no control over the highlight color that would appear when i would hover over the link.
as an example: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."
within 1 text box, i can assign 2 different triggers linking to 2 different URLs (as indicated by the underlines) and said text would be highlighted when hovered over. except the color of the highlight doesn't work with the theme colors. is there a way to edit that?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Beth -- As this is an older thread, and Rebecca may no longer be subscribed, and Christine is now in another role here at Articulate, you may want to reach out to Rebecca directly using the "Contact Me' link on her profile page if you'd like her input. Although your question is somewhat different, she may be able to provide that will work for your situation.  You are also welcome to submit your file for further exploration with our Support Engineers using this form

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