Checking off items in a custom menu

Aug 01, 2013

Hi all!

I'm building a course with a chromeless player, so I've got a custom-built menu that drops down allowing the user to navigate to different topics.

How I've set this up is to put the menu on a layer in the main Master slide. When the user clicks the button on the base layer of the Master slide, it activates the layer with the menu.

On this menu layer, I have buttons to go to each topic, and beside each button I have a checkmark. The checkmark's default state is "Hidden".

I have set up a series of variables such as "T1done", "T2done", etc. These variables are set to false initially. At the beginning of each topic, the corresponding variable is set to True.

Back in the Master slide, on the Menu layer, there is a trigger that sets each checkmark to "Normal" (thus becoming visible) if that topic's variable is "True".

I could swear this was working at first...I'm not sure what I've done, but it's not working now. Does anyone have any suggestions or examples of other ways they've achieved the same effect? I'm not averse to restructuiring it a bit if it will make it work reliably.


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Michael Hinze

It's difficult to guess what may have happened in your file. It would be better if you posted the story file here for someone to look at. There are lots of different ways to do a menu with 'done' states, like you described. Here is one quick sample of a rudimentary menu, that uses the 'visited' state of the menu items to indicate completion.

John Reddinger

Thanks Michael! That seems promising...but what if I have a "next" button on the slide, and they are navigating that way? Can an action on the slide affect the menu that's in the master?

Perhaps I should find a way to put the next and back buttons on the Master as well....however, then I'm not sure how i would disable them from the slides if need be...?

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