Hotspot lag issue

Dec 03, 2020

I am creating a circular graphic, kind of like a target, with each line on the target needing to have a hover state. The circles need text and other design elements on them, so I have created them in illustrator. 

I have now put circular hotspots one on top of the other and one graphic with states below all of that. I have triggers to change the state of the graphic depending on the hotspot that is being hovered over. I am experiencing major lag, especially when moving outwards from the center of the image. Is there anything I can do to speed up the actions I have set up for my hotspots?

(If I export the circles as png files, I have the problem that the transparent square shape impacts the learners ability to click through the items.)

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Sunet,

If you create each circle as an individual image and place them on top of each other exactly as you would stack a series of circular shapes in Storyline, you don't need to have hotspots on your slide. All you need to do is to create the hover state for each image and they will automatically change to the hover state as you move the mouse over them. You shouldn't get any lag as you move the mouse.

I have attached a very basic example using stacked coloured circles to demonstrate what I have explained above.

Hope this helps, but if you have any other queries, just get back to me here.