Hotspot question problem when reviewing quiz

Dec 03, 2014


I'll preface this by saying I'm quite new to Storyline! I've got a hotspot quiz question in my course. I drew three boxes over a screenshot, and the user is to choose the correct one. I provide unlimited tries. When I preview the course, the question works as planned and I get positive feedback when I get it correct, and corrective feedback ending with "try again" when I get it incorrect. 

Because I allow unlimited tries, the Results page shows a score of 100%. However, when I click Review Quiz, the hotspot question always shows up as incorrect (even when I got it right on first try) and my score changes accordingly. I've also noticed that when I Review this question, the spinning black and white ball is in the upper left corner of the screen as follows:

Results of hotspot in review

Can  you see what I'm doing incorrectly? Thank you for any feedback!

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