Hotspot/Timeline not working

Jun 20, 2013


I have a slide with a screen recording and a hint caption "print this page" pointing to a hotspot.  When the slide is displayed, the caption and hotspot are also displayed and when the user selects the hotspot the screen jumps to next slide.

Users are having problems accessing the hotspot I have setup.  When I investigated, the hotspot is only available for a few seconds and then becomes unavailable for selection, even though the timeline was for 10 seconds.

I have now set the timeline to 20 seconds for every item on the screen but the problem still exists.  When I have previewed the scene, the caption and hotspot on this slide are only available for 4 seconds, not 20 seconds as per the timeline.

I'm obviously missing something re the timeline but would appreciate help on how to make this hotspot available until the user clicks.



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