Hotspot trigger and other questions

Hi. I need help with this one. I have this scene on which there is an MCQ (created with a freeform). There is a recorded dialogue to listen to before attempting the MCQ. I give students 3 tries. The MCQ works fine. If successful, the transcription of the dialogue appears after clicking the Continue button on the Correct slide.

I want to give a grammatical explanation to students when they go through the transcription. To do so, I inserted a hotspot on a phrase and an explanation appears when students hover over the phrase.

1. When I preview, hovering over the phrase brings me back to the base layer instead of the grammatical explanation. I don't know why.

2. As mentioned, I gave students 3 tries for the MCQ. I would like the transcription to appear after the 3rd unsuccessful try. I don't know how to do that.

Thanks for your help :-)

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Christophe Mallard
Wendy Farmer

Here is your file back with the trigger I added.  Maybe I don't understand your issue - sorry Christophe.

The second problem is solved (adding a trigger to show the transcription layer when the user clicks the Continue button on the incorrect layer (which displays after 3rd attempt). Thanks Wendy.

I have not solved the first problem, the hotspot that does not work.

Wendy Farmer
Christophe Mallard

not solved the first problem, the hotspot that does not work


did you see my Peek video above.  When the transcription layer shows and I hover over the hotspot the purple table displays - what are you expecting when you hover over the hotspot?


Christophe Mallard

I expect the same as what you saw. Problem is, it does not happen. As mentioned before, when I hover over the hotspot the base layer reappears, not the table. I know it is weird, but that's what's happening. No idea why. As an experiment, I replaced Hover by Click and it worked. Bizarre ... How do you do this peek video btw. I might be able to show you that I am not drunk :-)