Trigger issue

Dec 12, 2019

Hi, it's me again.

I used a free form question to create a drag and drop. Students must first listen to a recording before attempting the task. I give them 3 attempts. I created an extra layer with the transcription of the recording and I want this layer to appear when students have successfully attempted the drag and drop. To do so, I added a trigger to the submit button with a condition:

if Results.Passed = value True

It is not working :-(

Here is my file and thank you in advance for your help :-)

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Christophe Mallard

Thanks Seth, but can you tell me exactly what you did so that I can replicate it? I checked both slides and existing triggers and I cannot figure it out. By the way, I believe you mean Paul is quite the character, which is true. But the best translation in this case would be: "Il est chiant." Hahaha!

Oh, and do not trust Google Translate. "Il est chiant" does not mean he is boring.

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