Hotspots are sticking and out of sync

May 08, 2020


I have created over 30 interactive videos using cue points, setting hotspots and triggers accordingly. I have run into several issues while previewing the interactive videos, as well as when viewing published items. I must preface that my CPU is running 1.9 GHz, which may be the cause since Articlulate 360 system requirements are 2.0 GHz or greater. If this is the case, please let me know. 

  1. When building out hotspots, all triggers are set correctly but when in Preview mode, the hotspots sometimes would stick. The only resolution was to remove the hotspot altogether, add a new one with the same trigger settings and it would resolve the issues most times. I don't understand why a hotspot would go "bad" and need to be replaced, not sure why this might occur. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. After resolving hotspot issues in Preview mode, I set the seekbar to allow seekbar after completion and then published to Articulate 360. When my co-worker viewed it for the first time, the hotspots would stick and video was out of sync. When viewed a second time, the video and hotspots were perfectly in sync and didn't stick once. Why would this happen? Do I need to change my seekbar settings to allow seekbar anytime? 
  3. I also have an issues were hotspots were resolved in Preview mode, when I viewed in Published mode it was perfect as well but when my co-worker viewed, a hotspot stuck. She was utilizing the same browser, Chrome and on the same network. Why would this occur? Why would the published interactive video respond differently for different viewers?

Any insight you can offer regarding these issues would be greatly appreciated. These issues are frustrating, making my efforts timely and unsuccessful. Thanks for your help in advance!

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