Hotspots, Quizzes, & A Bit Overwhelmed

Feb 03, 2013

1.  Hotspots:  I have 4 hotspots on a slide.  A layer appears when any of them are hovered over (each HS reveals a different layer).  Clicking anywhere on the layer takes the learner back to the original slide. My question:  I want each HS to become inactive after it has been used.  I don't know how to do that.  Can someone help?  I thought about adding states to HS, but evidently you can't do that.

2.  Quizzes:  I would like to have several questions appear on one slide.  I was able to create several T/F questions on a single page using buttons that gave correct or incorrect feedback unique to each question.  Is is possible to do the same with MC or Fill in the Blank?

3.  A Bit Overwhelmed:  The more I do, the more there is to learn.  I really like this program and when I see what the gurus can do, I want to do that too.  But, there is so much to learn.  Not a complaint, just a fact.

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Alan - 

The first item is the easiest to solve. By using a transparent shape and adding a disabled state to the shape, you can "deactivate the click area" by adding a trigger that sets the shape to the disabled state. You don't have this level of control over hotspot states.

The second one requires hand-built structures with custom triggers. It can be done but you won't have the benefit of wizard built quiz questions or the built-in grading features. It's quite a bit of work to get more than one question on a slide.

Alan Landers

Thank you, Steve.  I'll try the transparent shape.  I should have thought of that, but never would have.  Tks.

I have some programmer friends in Pakistan.  Maybe they can create the interaction for me in Flash or something like that.  I used to be able to do it in Authorware.  I haven't tried doing it in Smartbuilder.

Mike Enders


Definitely capable of "if then"'s just a change in language...

I've attached a file with an example.  Basically it has 3 buttons that, when clicked, become disabled.  Each has a trigger that says change the state of the button to disabled when clicked.

I also have an image that starts "hidden"

A simple trigger then says "Change the state of the hidden image to normal when the state of the 3 buttons are disabled.

In your could use the same logic, but have instead of showing a hidden shape, it could show a layer.

Hope this helps!


Alan Landers

Hi Mike,

I tried your suggestion.

This is  a part of the slide with the transparent boxes that trigger different layers when scrolled over.  The button in the lower right corne is what I want to appear (it is hidden) after all four boxes have been viewed (scrolled over by mouse).

Above is the error message I get when I preview the slide.

Below are the triggers


Help, please.


Alan Landers

I think I figured it out...  I had the state of the transparent boxes as "visited" and the state should have been "disabled".

To all, I'm sorry if I am asking too many questions or ask a question and then figure it out.  I truly appreciate all of the help and suggestions you've sent me.  I'm learning and experimenting with SL about 5 hours a day.  I'm rusing to become as good as the pros who help others.

Please be patient.

Thank you,


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