HOVER Button State: Thoughts/Ideas (?)

Hello eL Heroes:

I have a small gap in my eLearning Projects that I'd like to take care of, notably, that of a rather plain, ie: nonexistent HOVER Button State.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as all of my other built-in and customized States have something in them to make them look distinguishable from each other, so those more "normal" or Standard appearances are essentially slightly overlapped with a "minimalist" look when the user hovers over these buttons.

I was just wondering what you all use for a button's hover state, and if you do use something in particular, your thinking/context/reasons for use behind it.

...Do you use a border or fill effect for this type of state?

A fancy halo or glow effect?

...Something in-your-face?

Or something more subtle...?



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Preston Ruddell

Lately, I've been doing a lot of software/website demos in storyline.  When it's sensible to do so, I like to borrow/steal design elements from the software I am trying to demonstrate.  The website I'm currently building a demo for has the following menu:

Consequently, when I designed the menu for my story line module, I tried to use the same design elements:

Generally, I try to find any kind of a hover state effect in what I'm doing and imitate it if possible.  Aside from that, I generally use the effect you see above.  Whatever color the shape is, I brighten it a bit for the hover effect.

Mark Shepherd

Hi Preston:

Glad you were able to get things aligned well for your eLP vis-à-vis your website.

I wish my situation were that simple, but I really like the clean look of your design.

It's a bit tricky for me to use just one specific color for a universal Hover State, as the button I have designed for my project is multi-purpose, and has a few different states with varying colors to indicate different statuses, so I need something fairly universal that will work with/cover ALL of them (I have about 4 or 5 in total), if possible.

I'm thinking a fairly generic kind of glow effect might work best for my current situation, as it just needs to give off a basic "sheen", without getting too overly specific or complex.