Hover color consistency problem

I have looked at everything that I can think of, and tried to use the 'format painter' brush to get a consistent look on all the buttons but am getting a blue "glow" in the hover state on some of my buttons. Please see attached file.

In preview, hover over the first button, and that is how I want it to appear. Hover over buttons 2, 3, and 4 and there is an additional blue color that is not in any of the formatting (that I can find).

Help? and thanks very much.

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Laura Fast

Thanks, Ashi - so just to make sure that I understand. You just identified the one that was working as I intended, deleted the others and then just duplicated the one that was working to get the solution?

And, Meryem - I don't understand - are you saying that there is a special Shape Effects button that is unique to the Radio Button tab? That's not what I'm experiencing. The Shape Effects tab that is on the Home ribbon is the same as the one on the Radio Button ribbon.

Thanks to both for helping!