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Hi all,

Lately I am running into one problem after another with Storyline. This time i have created a multiple choice quiz which has 60 questions. Each question has 4 choices. When I preview the project and hover over some of the questions, I can see that one out of 4 multiple choice options shows in a different "hover on" color. In other words say when I hover over first 3 choices, I see red hover on col, but when i go to 4th it shows blue hover on. 

I have tried going into design>>color and tried changing theme - I am not getting anything - which is now becoming frustrating. I have uploaded a picture file which shows the issue I have with one of the questions. I have few others which are behaving in the same manner.

I think I might have to go back to using captivate but that will mean starting all over again :-(

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Manpreet Phull

Hi Peter

Thanks for above but i resolved the issue yesterday. I think what must have happened was that i created duplicates of a question which had the issue hence ended up with about 50 questions showing same abnormal behavior. 

I recreated the question by add a new question option and all is working okay now. 

Thanks for the support.