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natasha desai

Hi Rehan

Just a sample of what I was doing.

Just the character is the normal mode.

On the base side I have the character and a brief write up on the left side.

I have created a hover state for the character, which displays a text box (duplicating 'hover state' in the text box on left) and the character.

I have selected 'Dim background objects' in the hover state.

The items in the hover state are not grouped.

You can see in the hover state, that in addition to the information of the hover state, the background text box is also displayed.

How do I stop that from happening ?



rehan arshad

Natasha it would be very good if you can share the .story file for that only slide.

I am unclear whether you are doing the same thing inside the states or you are using the Layers????

If you are using the layers. then Check "Hide objects on the base layer" on the layer

The dim background objects trigger only comes whenever you are using the layers

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Yun,

I took a look at your file - and you haven't set them up to show layers, but changing the state of the individual text boxes and with that they're appearing behind the other text. That is to be expected. If you want to place that text on layers, you could then assign a trigger to show layer X when the user hovers over the Text Y - that would appear on top of your base layer.

Hope that helps clarify!