Hover state not changing until the mouse is moved


Not sure if this has been covered in an earlier discussion...

I have a slide with 4 images that represent the 4 sections in the course. I have configured three states (normal, hover, visited) for each image.  The hover state adds a title with a red background to the normal state and when clicked takes you to a specific section in the course. The visited state adds a checkmark to the normal state once the learner has viewed the section.

The problem is when the learner returns to the slide with the section images, the image they have just viewed is still in the hover state, although the visited state checkmark is now visible. The hover state only changes if the learner mouses over the hover state again then moves to another image.

Is it possible to configure it so the hover state disappears when the images is clicked?



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Michael Hinze

The problem seems to be the Wipe exit animation in the built-in hover state. You could change the slide properties to 'Reset to Initial state' and then use a custom state for each image that is set based on a completion variable. See attahced file where I fixed the first (Introduction) image. 

Michael Hinze
Mark Fernley

That seems to work but I not sure how to get the "complete" state in the trigger wizard. I copied and pasted your trigger but when I change the object to the next picture I lose the "complete" option. 

For each image, duplicate the built-in Visited state and call it Complete (or whatever). Then create the variables and triggers to show that state for each image.