Hover State not restoring to previous state

Mar 06, 2020

One of our design norms involves having a rectangle with 30% transparency appear when the user hovers over a marker. This is meant to make the content of the marker box pop out against the background.

The trigger has an option to “Restore previous state when restored”, and this seems to be broken as the rectangle often does not restore to the hidden state when the mouse leaves the marker.

Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. We're using v.3.37.21614.0


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Brad Glenn

Hi Walt,  Thanks for your reply.  On your suggestion, I did attempt to add a hover state for a marker with the rectangle added, but this obscures the content of the marker box rather than highlighting it against the background. 

What I should have mentioned in my original post is that we have used this technique in dozens of courses, and it has always worked when checking the option "Restore previous state when the user hovers out" in the Trigger Wizard.  As courses need updates, and they are opened in current Articulate versions, the rectangle does not return to hidden state.  I'm sure there's a workaround in place, but I'm hoping there's an answer for why the "restore previous state" seems to be getting stuck.  It would be a lot of work to reconfigure this approach on multiple slides as courses are updated.

Thanks again! Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

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