How best to create this question in storyline?

Jan 12, 2017

I'm trying to find a way on how to develop this question into my course

Now with correct spelling, define the term “conversion” as used in timber.
Once you have completed your answer, click the submit button.

(answer: Answer: Conversion is the term given to the sawing up or breaking down of the tree trunk into various-sized pieces of timber for a specific purpose.
Keywords: Sawing, cutting, tree trunk, conversion, various sizes, specific purpose, size)

I have keywords. But it doesn't work unless they put the exact key words in.

Any suggestions?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Rebeca!

Both short answer and essay questions are Survey Questions, which are not graded by default. You could certainly require the user to answer, which would help control navigation, but again, the questions would not be graded. You can also report completion to an LMS once a specific slide is reached as explained here, but if you're hoping to track the responses you may need a 3rd party tool.

I will defer to the community on that, but this older thread may get you started!

Ryan Frame

You could do a guesstimate based on the text containing at least x number of key terms but that requires you to be able to do wildcard searches through the text and storyline doesn't support wildcard text comparisons (frustrating) so you would have to use JavaScript.

Honestly probably more work than it is worth. I would use a multiple choice question. attached are 2 examples I've used in the past one of them might give you some inspiration. Note: most of the assets are pulled from the elearning hub here on articulates site some with very few to no alterations. any other parts/assets are either 'creative commons 0' or created by me (also releasing under 'creative commons') so have at it for your use. use the notes layers to learn about how they were built though it's probably more detail than you need I added the notes recently as a larger bundle of examples for a class on using storyline 2.

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