How Can an Existing Video be Converted into Simulation?

Oct 18, 2023

I have a video created by a content specialist. This video was produced outside of Storyline. How can I use Articulate Storyline 360 to convert this video created by the specialist into a simulation? Every tutorial I've come across so far instructs me to use the 'Record Screen' button to record my video. However, I lack the time and expertise to re-record the video myself using Storyline since it was created by a content expert. Can Storyline convert this video into a simulation without requiring me to re-record it using the 'Record Screen' feature? Or is re-recording the video using the 'Record Screen' feature the only option?

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Tom Kuhlmann

The record video option would record the simulation for you, but it can't convert a video to a simulation.

However, you can create your own simulation using key images from the video because essentially that's what happens when you record a simulation. At each click or action, the recording creates a key frame and then inserts that with the corresponding hotspots. 

You'd have to extract the frame and then add hotspots.

Another option is to insert the video and then put pause triggers at specific points. Then the user clicks a hotspot which would allow the video to resume.