How can I change this to a freeform quiz?

Hi all. I have built an interaction which does everything I want. Before I start adding scoring and feedback variables/layers, I'd like to know if there's any way I can just change it to a freeform or a quiz and let Storyline do the scoring for me?

A sample of the .story file is attached, and a link to the interaction below. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

TrueFalse Quiz Link


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Steve

see sample file I duplicated your first slide and made it a freeform - it may work for you or may give you an idea.

It is setup as a pick one which means I have two buttons offstage (correct and incorrect) which are what drives the quiz slide. 

I have created True False buttons x4 and overlaid them on top of each other so as each statement is presented and then answered those T/F buttons hide and the next set appears (seamless to the user).

Then I created triggers:

1. that selects the offstage correct button if True Button1 = selected AND True Button 2 = selected AND False Button 3 = selected AND False Button 4 = selected.  This returns the correct layer when they click submit button.

2. that selects the offstage incorrect button if True Button1 not equal to selected OR True Button 2 not equal to selected OR False Button 3 not equal to selected OR False Button 4 not equal to selected. This returns the incorrect layer when they click submit button.


Steven McAneney

OK, I've got this working how I want it, and now I want to give the user multiple attempts. I've tried adding triggers to the "TRY AGAIN" button to hide everything on the base layer again, but I can't get it to work properly. Any ideas would be appreciated. 

I've also tried automatically navigating away from the main slide then back again on pressing the "TRY AGAIN" button, which works perfectly when the original slide is set to "Reset to initial state", but I lose the number of attempts in the "AttemptCount" built in variable.

Steven McAneney

It works! I added conditions to the incomplete layer trigger to look at both the state of the INCORRECT button (the main criteria for this pick one quiz), AND number of attempts. Once this more specific INCORRECT criteria was set, it didn't interfere with the rest of the inbuilt variables (namely, what happens when the quiz is answered correctly).

2-days spent on that one. Thanks though!