How can I control where the user goes after the result slide?

Jan 22, 2014


I have finished a quiz and have 2 movies in the end for the user.

1. A you've failed movie (try again)

2. A you've passed movie (end of the course)

How can I control the button on the result page so the viewer will automatically go to the ''you've passed'' movie when he has 70% or more, and go to the ''you've failed'' movie if he has less than 70% ?


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Mike Taylor

Hi Bram! On your graded results slide you should have two layers:  Success and Failure

All you need to do is add a button with a trigger that sends them to the appropriate place. On the success layer it would be next slide or whatever location you want to send them to when they pass the quiz.   For when they don't pass, you could move the Retry quiz button from the base layer to the failure layer.  (Assuming you've enabled the retry quiz option on the results slide.)

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