How can I create a multiple-response true-false quiz slide?

Oct 29, 2013

For a lesson review quiz I'd like to create a slide with a half-dozen or so statements that are true or false, some are related so it helps the learner to see all the statements on one screen.  Also helpful would be using check boxes for the true or false selection. Correct feedback would be for all choices correct, or maybe just all the true choices correct. Incorrect feedback would be for any wrong choice but not specific. I remember reading a post and using it last week to create a multiple text entry response on a quiz slide using variables and conditions. I could do that having the user enter "T" or "F", but I'd rather simplify that with check boxes. I could use a hint or two on creating multiple true-false check boxes on single quiz screen.

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Paul Shorr

You can create a free-form "Pick Many" question type and use as many pairs of radio buttons (be sure to name each pair as a separate button set.  Then just arrange the text and buttons as you like and indicate which of each pair is correct.  You don't need any variables or triggers to do this.  Your feedback would be limited to correct, incorrect and try again if you allow multiple tries.  There would not be a partially correct feedback option.

Frank  Bialas

I went with Paul Shorr's suggestion to use a Pick Many quiz with a separate button set for each T/F pair. I put eight statements on the slide, each with its own T/F pair of checkboxes. I allowed a few retries with no feedback except "try again" until the last attempt or correct responses are submitted. For scoring, this one screen counts as only one question answered. So, for a scored quiz I would assign a lot more points than for a single answer question.  The image of my draft screen is below. 

Thanks again, Paul.  I should change my picture to a smiley face now!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Saba,

You could create your own data entry fields on a slide and add more than one, but what you do with those in terms of calculating or tracking them will be the custom part. If you reviewed the information on multiple fill in the blanks, and how to set that up with a pick one question type, and you can see this thread has a few different examples of that (with text mostly, but the same concepts). 

Sepideh Gorjizadeh


I just wanted to post an update here. I tried the Pick Many Freeform to make a True/False activity but the problem was that in preview mode, as a user you are able to select both True and False options for the same question. I made a workaround for this and I have put it as a sample slide here if anyone is running into the same problem as I had.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa! Hopefully Sepideh is still subscribed here and will be able to pop in to help you out. You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

In the meantime, it sounds like the solution you may need is button sets :) Check out this documentation and hopefully it's what you are looking for to complete this activity.

If not, feel free to share some additional information and perhaps your .story file so that we can take a look.

Lisa Jones

Hi. I have returned to this piece of work & thought I had it all working but have ran into a problem & wondered if anyone could please help? I either need a way of preventing the user from NOT selecting 1 option from EACH button set (ie I want to force them to have to select an option for each button set), or I need a way of showing the incorrect layer if they haven't selected an option from each of the button sets. Hopefully the screenshot attached will help explain a little more. Basically, if you don't answer ALL options the correct/incorrect layers do not appear. Interestingly though, this only occurs on the correct options, so if only 1 of the correct options is selected the incorrect layer does not appear. Not sure I've done a great job of explaining this. :( I may have to abandon this & think of another way to present the activity - any ideas? Thanks

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