How can I create 'Golden' or 'Critical' questions in an assessment?

Hi everyone, I'm new to creating assessments in Storyline 2 that have more complexity than normal. My client would like an assessment with a pass mark of 90% (there are 21 questions), with the first 9 questions as 'golden' or 'critical' fail questions (i.e., if the learner incorrectly answers ANY of the 9 questions, they will be unable to pass!).

I've seen a great suggestion posted in the forum to 'jump to the results slide' which is simple, however my client wants to force the learner to continue through the entire assessment before viewing their result. I've even removed feedback for each question.

There is a further request to send individual question results to our LMS (Cornerstone) for a question by question analysis (which I'm pretty sure can't be done in Storyline 2).

Can the community offer any suggestions as to the best approach to my challenge? I've only got a few days left before I start again using the dull Cornerstone test engine.

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Brian Allen

Hello Dean, I'm terrible with the math, but is it possible to weight the first 9 questions such that if one of the first 9 is missed they're weighted heavy enough that 90% would be impossible to achieve?

As far as your second question, by default Storyline sends individual question results to your LMS. The problem with most LMSs is finding a report that will show you the individual question by question responses, as this isn't easy info to retrieve in most LMSs.

SCORM 1.3/2004 will send more robust information for each question than SCORM 1.2, but you need to use whichever your LMS supports best.