How Can I Display a Layer after Multiple Conditions Have Been Met?

Hi Everyone,

Here is a link to a slide I've designed for a program on equine evolution and development using Storyline 2:

On this slide, learners get a chance to explore different equine domestication theories.  After they visit each of the six key layers, I want the final layer with a question to appear automatically. 

I have tried building this several different ways, but am not able to get the final layer to display at the end.  Right now, it's set up with true/false variables on each of the six domestication theory layers (changing to "True" when the Back button is clicked on each) -- then a trigger with multiple "adjust variable" conditions.  Needless to say, the final layer doesn’t appear even when each of the layers has been viewed and returned to the initial screen. 

Can you please take a look and let me know how to make this happen?  What have I left out -- is there a better design strategy to follow to get the result I need?  Thank you ALL so much for your help! 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nancy

see attached update to your file. Using the 'when variables changes' in the trigger to show the layer can get tricky so I removed the show final layer trigger from the base layer and put it against all the slide layers (as you are not sure which order the user will view the layers - this covers that off). I added it to the back button.

Hope this is what you are after.