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Brett Conlon

Yep, I'm recently new to Storyline (am typically a Captivate user) and have had to do many searches to learn the software. I have to say the forums have saved my bacon a number of times! But, sadly too often, like with this feature, requests were made years and years ago but there's still no resolve. I'm definitely a +1 on this!

Jonathan Rose

Hi Lauren, thank you for updating the report and thanks for offering to take a look at the problem files.

Unfortunately (and typically!), I have just tried to recreate the problem I was having and am unable to replicate it. I am using the exact same method and files as yesterday but it's working as intended. I haven't even 'turned it off an on again' as you might think would resolve the problem! I will gladly share the problem files with you anyway, if you still want to take a look, but currently seem to be having no issue.