How can I "edit points" for freeform in Storyline

Apr 22, 2013

I am not able to find "edit points" option for free form shape in Storyline.  Can you please help?



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Brett Conlon

Yep, I'm recently new to Storyline (am typically a Captivate user) and have had to do many searches to learn the software. I have to say the forums have saved my bacon a number of times! But, sadly too often, like with this feature, requests were made years and years ago but there's still no resolve. I'm definitely a +1 on this!

Jonathan Rose

Hi Lauren, thank you for updating the report and thanks for offering to take a look at the problem files.

Unfortunately (and typically!), I have just tried to recreate the problem I was having and am unable to replicate it. I am using the exact same method and files as yesterday but it's working as intended. I haven't even 'turned it off an on again' as you might think would resolve the problem! I will gladly share the problem files with you anyway, if you still want to take a look, but currently seem to be having no issue.

Lee Harper

You can double-click at the end of making a freeform shape to close the path.  It's worth leaving the last straight section of the path to be the part that's closed by Storyline.  That way, instead of double-clicking at the same point where you started, Storyline builds the final line of the shape for you without any extra points.

Lee Harper

+1 for this too.

I would definitely like to see this feature added.  Surely it's quite a fundamental part of drawing shapes, that you can edit them afterwards?  I'm currently building an application that involves lots of shaped freeform hotspots to go over an underlying graphic and text.  I'm now doing foreign language versions where some of the text behind the original freeform shape is now longer in another language.  This means having to recreate the freeform shape from scratch and copy all the associated triggers, instead of what could have been a simple tweak to the original shape.

This wouldn't be too big a deal but I have to do this on 19 slides containing around 8 - 10 shapes each.

Paula Obrien

Shucks, I spent an hour trying to figure it out. In Captivate I can hold down the alt key and drag a shape point to a new position, and in my Adobe PS, Illustrator, I can also do so. I'm trying to show my company's computer screen on an image of a person sitting at the computer. The screenshot needs to have the angle changed to make this work elegantly. 

Martin dean

Not sure why anyone is surprised that this has never been addressed.  Isn't that what we now expect from Articulate?

My suggestion is to draw what you want in PowerPoint, edit the points if you need to, then SAVE AS PICTURE and bring in to SL as a WMF file.  Then you can import this to SL360, ungroup it and you can at least change the colours and outline.  

To edit the points, you need to go back to PPT.