How can I "edit points" for freeform in Storyline

Apr 22, 2013

I am not able to find "edit points" option for free form shape in Storyline.  Can you please help?



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Chris Clift

Hi Anthony,

Once you have created a freeform shape, it is effectively baked and cannot be altered except by either changing its height, width or scale by grabbing one of the 8 click points that form a rectangle around the outside of the shape (see attachments). There have been a number of people, including myself that have posted about this inability over the years and, with no further updates on SL3, this is never going to be fixed. Whether this is different in SL360, I am unsure, but either way, if you want to edit any other points, the shape is best created in an external application, such as Adobe Illustrator, and then imported as an image. Hope that helps.

Anthony Dias

Chris, I appreciate your perspective and the workaround. I ended up creating a bunch of rectangles, setting transparency to 100%, putting them in a group, and then adding a trigger to the group. I realize that an editable free-form shapes feature won't make it into Storyline 3 and am highly doubtful that it will be implemented any time soon into 360. I mean, the original post was from 10 years ago! lol...

If we had better alternatives to Storyline I would 100% push my department to use a different software. As it is, I have heard that Captivate also has its quirks, so I have to make due with this marvelous piece of modern software. ;)A group of rectangles shown as an example workaround for the lack of the ability to edit freeform shapes in Articulate Storyline 3

Lee Harper

+1 AGAIN for this really quite basic feature. Once again I'm working on a project that has a number of shaped hotspots which need to be adjusted. The hotspots cover text and usually a complex shape over the image below, and the user can click to navigate to other slides.

I'm now making versions in other languages and some of the hotspot shapes that work for English text are either too small or need to be moved slightly for the text from other languages to fit.  Being able to just alter the hotspot shape points would be so easy, but instead I have to make a whole new hotspot and copy all the triggers from the old hotspot.

This would be bearable for just one or two alterations, but I'm doing multiple languages with  many many slides with multiple hotspots.  Please Articulate... this 'feature' is so basic and has been requested for over 10 years now!