How can I edit the "Invalid answer" screen/layout?

Mar 16, 2014


For the graded question, Once I click the submit and without choose any option, "Invalid answer" screen will come up and show "you must complete the question before submitting." Where and How can edit this screen/layout?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jovi,

I'm basically repeating here what I wrote in another thread just a few days ago, but thought it might be easier to just have it here: There isĀ  no invalid answer layer. Many of us have requested that one be added in the next release of SL.

In the meantime, you can create your own Invalid answer layer, which is what Jeanette described in one of her Screenrs. I followed along with it at one point and inserted notes to myself in the very basic .story I'd created. I'm attaching the story here. Please refer to the notes on Slide1 (which still has the default pop-up) and Slide 2 (which has the customized pop-up). I also added a Slide 3 which has a Drag and Drop quiz slide to answer the question in that other thread

Please shout out with any questions (especially since my notes, which make perfect sense to me, may not make sense to you!)

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