How can I enable a custom Next button, but only after 4 course modules have been completed?

Hi all!

I created a custom Next button for my course menu slide which shows 4 modules.  The button is disabled to start with.  I would like the learner to visit all 4 modules (ie. 4 modules buttons should be "visited") before the Next button appears.

I followed the instructions using variables (from various blogs) and it works.  The Next button changes to "normal" as it is supposed to, but only if I preview just the course menu slide.  If I preview the entire project, it doesn't work. It remains "disabled".

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks so much!


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Jordan Ash

Hi Linda,

It could be that the slide is resetting to its initial state on return meaning that the next button will return to its original state. 

You could try changing the slide setting to resume saved state or adding true/false variables to track when the sections have been completed and trigger the next button to change state when the timeline starts and all 4 variables for each of the modules are Completed.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Linda

have you tried using variables instead of states?

1. Create 4 T/F variables all default False.

2. On the last slide of each module create a trigger - adjust variable 'Mod1comp' to true when timeline starts on that slide. Repeat for all last slides of each module.

3. On menu slide keep the first trigger you have disabling the next button but change the re-enable trigger to this:

change state of Next button to normal when timeline starts on Menu slide on condition that Mod1comp = True AND Mod2comp = True AND Mod3comp = True AND Mod4comp = True.

hope that helps