How can I "Enlarge" Screen Recordings?

Hi Heroes,

Here is my dilemma. I captured some screen recordings for a demo/simulation. Part of the new software uses pop-up windows for functionality. I want to be able to enlarge the area of "action" in the demo. Okay, I can use the Zoom feature. The problem with that is I can't find the height/length of the zoom box, or copy the zoom box between slides so my zoom area/view is consistent.

It's also interesting to find the screen shot of the software is not an object on the stage. If it were an object, I could just use format properties to size them all.

What do I do?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rick,

The screen recordings become a part of the slide's background when you've inserted it as step by step slide so they don't have the same format properties as a image would.  When you insert a zoom region as described here you determine the overall size, and you could turn on the grid/guidelines to help you ensure that they're the same size from screen to screen.