How can I get a Drag & Drop Quiz to show correct and incorrect answers

Aug 19, 2016

I have created a  Drag & Drop with six tabs that contain equations. I want each tab, when dropped on the single droppable target, to show either correct or incorrect feedback when the user clicks submit. I have been trying to get this to work for hours. 

I tried Trigger:  Action: Show layer Layer: Correct When: Object dropped on  Object: First Tab Dropped on: Droppable 1

but that gives immediate response without waiting for user to click submit.

I have tried numerous different variables and still cannot get this to work, but there must be a way to show correct vs. incorrect answers on a Drag & Drop question! I wish there were just a simple way in form view to choose correct answers like on regular questions. Can you help, please.

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Carol Barnhart

I just this minute got the issue resolved. I built this in Quizmaker and imported it into Storyline 2. When I went back to the original build in Quizmaker, in Form View, I was able to get the Preview to work properly by having the target "Droppable 1" correspond to the correct answer and marking the remaining targets for the incorrect answers as "none". After all those complicated variables I tried, the resolution was simple and I now have a few more gray hairs and a tension headache to show for it! Thanks for your help though. =)

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